Adept Translator Pro

Adept Translator Pro 4.00

Adept Translator Pro can translate texts between various languages

Adept Translator Pro is a simple-to-use, neat and straightforward application that lets you translate any text among a large variety of languages. The main characteristic of this tool is its simplicity, as it provides a small number of additional features and options and comes with a very neat and straightforward interface. Even complete beginners can handle this small program without any problem at all.

Another remarkable advantage of Adept Translator Pro besides its ease of use is the fact that it can translate among a huge variety of languages. More than 72 different languages are supported thanks to the fact that Adept Translator Pro uses Internet resources to accomplish the translations. Therefore it requires an active Internet connection in order to work, but that’s a small downside considering the many benefits this tool provides. It can be used to translate any text, no matter its length, including letters, documents, and so on. The translations are performed instantly, without requiring you to waste time waiting for the result.

To sum it all up, Adept Translator Pro looks like a handy translation tool that comes with a really easy-to-use interface and supports a lot of languages. If anyone, for whatever reason, cannot open Google Translate in a browser window and use this famous service to perform his/her translations, then Adept Translator Pro should represent a decent alternative. Other than that, I’m rather reticent when it comes to recommending this app.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports a lot of languages
  • Can save the translations to local files


  • A bit pricey
  • Requires an Internet connection to provide the translations
  • There are online free services like Google Translate that perform the same main task
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