Adept Translator Pro

Adept Translator Pro 5.70

Easy-to-use utility to translate any text between up to 72 languages

Adept Translator Pro is a translation tool that claims to produce accurate and fast texts translations between up to 72 languages, from the most widely used ones to others spoken by just a minority of the world population. The program’s two-panel interface is extremely simple to use, allowing for one-click translations to registered users.

The possible reasons behind making a trial version of a software tool available limited to the extent that it won’t perform any of the tasks it was designed for are beyond me. If offering a glimpse of what the program looks like is all they’re happy to show to potential users, a few screenshots on the developer’s site would suffice. Going through the downloading and installation processes solely to show the program’s interface looks like a poor marketing strategy to me. In order to decide which software translation tool is best for their interests, potential buyers need to see the results, if only partially. In my humble opinion, a limitation on the number of characters or words that can be translated using the free trial would have been enough. Therefore, and because of the strict limitations shown by this tool, I regret to say that it is simply impossible to determine the level of quality of the translations offered by Adept Translation Pro.

Apart from the impressive list of languages supported and the easiness of use that the program’s interface clearly shows, there is not much more to comment about. It is a pity that the true quality of a translation tool this attractive cannot be seriously evaluated due to its disproportionate restrictions.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extensive choice of languages
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Swaps languages with just one click


  • The trial version won't translate any text, making it impossible to evaluate its quality
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